Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an instinctive reaction to emotional and physical pain, discomfort and stress. For more than 6000 years the use of massage has been documented in both Eastern and Western medicine. Massage relieves stress, relaxes muscles,relieves pain,increases flexibility,strengthens the immune system and can help manage chronic health conditions. Eastern and Western healers have known for thousands of years that Massage can heal mind, body and spirit. Now there are studies to prove it.

Research by organizations such as Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, The University of Miami School of Medicine and the National Institute of Health are providing findings that confirms massage works. Massage has been shown to REDUCE Cortisol “The Stress Hormone” levels, STRENGTHEN your immune response, and REDUCE your heart rate and blood pressure. Massage REDUCES stress and anxiety.

Over the years I have helped people with acute and chronic pain issues. I have also helped people managing Hypertension, Diabetes, Anxiety, and other chronic conditions. I have worked with clients who have self referred and those who have been referred by other health care providers such as physicians and chiropractors. I am more than happy to discuss your treatment plan with your health care provider to better coordinate your care. I am an approved American Specialty Health provider.

The therapies I combine most are Effleurage/Swedish massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point. Other techniques will be employed such as Reflexology, Passive and Active stretching, Cranial-Sacral work and sports massage. No matter what you need the session will benefit you.

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